Technical and engineering roles in the rail industry have very specific requirements in terms of qualifications and experience. A recruiter needs to understand how these roles fit together when complex projects or operations are being undertaken. At Core Group, we have a team of specialist rail consultants, with in-depth industry knowledge and real world experience, who will rapidly grasp the nature of any requirement, and understand how to supply it.

Safety and Competence First!

Our recruiters don’t look to push random candidates into roles for which they aren’t qualified. We understand the vital importance of safety and competence in the industry and will work with you to ensure that contingent staff are operating to the same high standards as your permanent employees.

From operators of complex and high-risk machinery, such as cranes, to vital roles such as lookouts, hand signalmen and level crossing attendants, the safety of employees and the public is a responsibility that is always our leading concern. However, we are also aware that safety is something that has to be planned into each job.

In-House Planning Team

For this reason, we have an in-house planning team, capable of carrying out project, operational and logistical planning in the industry, and capable of delivering staff for entire projects, anywhere in the UK.

Our clients don’t have to deal with a plethora of different agencies to staff a project - they can give us the job, confident in the knowledge that we have the expertise and professionalism to carry it out to the highest standards. We offer a true one-stop shop, with consequent savings in management and HR time for both rail contractors and companies.

What’s more, we understand that work on rail projects often happens at unsocial hours when the network and track are available. So our service doesn’t stop when the office staff go home. We’re here 24/7 to offer our support and help if you meet challenges along the way