In modern construction, speed and safety go together. Working practices and construction targets are under constant review to keep the project on-time and up to specification. There is little time to conduct training on the job, and missing or unproven personnel can mean missed targets, disrupting the entire project workflow. While manpower may be plentiful, personnel who are skilled, conscientious, qualified and immediately available aren’t. Vetting procedures, paperwork and induction can all add substantially to your costs and delays.

Core Group exists to funnel a ready supply of proven and accredited key personnel to the workplace. As specialists in this sector, we have shortlists of the people you need, even before you know you need them. In most cases, the necessary paperwork and statutory checks will already have been completed and you can fill the gaps in your workforce with the least delay and disruption.

What Makes Us Different?

What makes Core Group different is that we understand that on modern construction sites, every worker can be a critical part of the whole. Whether your gap is for gate security, health and safety monitors, site administrators, or a chain-man to partner an engineer, their absence can bring work to a halt. That’s why, unlike many head-hunters, we don’t specialise in just bricklayers or steel workers. Our job is to keep your business running smoothly - no matter where those gaps in your workflows appear. We source staff with experience in all the roles you might need, including crane crews, ground-workers, slabbing gangs, traffic marshals, maintenance engineers and instrument technicians.

We don’t only keep those one-off gaps filled as your build progresses. We can also procure teams of workers, often already used to working with each other, and ready to drop logistically into place as a package in your project planning phases. Involve us at the earliest stage, to take advantage of everything we can offer.