A huge variety of roles and skills are needed to keep an airport functioning efficiently. Here at Core Group, we understand what it takes to run a complex operation like a major air travel hub. We use our in-depth knowledge to supply the right people, with the right skills and training, at the right time.

Operational demands always increase during peak travel seasons - for example, the requirement for drivers at every level of skill and vehicle type. From multi-drop bus drivers taking passengers from the terminal to their car, to hi-lift drivers who can transfer materials and stock from plane to terminal, to airside HGV2 drivers involved in cargo transport, to pushback drivers, we can supply your requirements.

The logistics of getting baggage loaded and unloaded grows ever more complex, as turnaround times shorten and airports become more crowded with vehicles servicing planes. You may require loaders and unloaders who have the training and experience to deal with heavy loads, and who can calmly work to demanding deadlines in a high pressure environment. You may also find that what you really need are team leaders, who can work in the ramp and baggage areas supervising the loaders and unloaders, allocating work and making sure it gets done.

What we can supply is sector-specific expertise that enables us to rapidly identify the requirements and the type of permanent or temporary candidate who will fill the role successfully. Part of our understanding of airport staffing is our appreciation of the fact that many employees work through the night to ensure the safety and efficiency of the airport. We therefore run a 24/7 support system for clients who themselves have to provide 24/7 services. We don’t clock off - we’re here to help you, whenever you need to talk to us.